Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quintessential Shop Manila

So on my previous post - I've featured a single feather earrings from my friend's online shop called Quintessential Shop Manila, its actually the brainchild of best friends Elaine and Maine. My love for feathers and tassels finally come on a halt since the shop offers gorgeous pieces + that affordable twist. Elaine’s my school mate during College – so I was sure enough that this shop won’t scam or won’t give over pricing thus good quality.

Check Quintessential Shop Manila you guys and I can assure you that everything is a must TO BUY!

Feather clip ons

                                                              I LOVE THIS!                                                                            AND THIS!

 Tassel earrings that you can customize the length :)

Love the bracelets! :P 

They also sell connector rings at a fraction of it's price.

And embrace your "Accessories Obsession!" :)



  1. Thanks Kaye! I'm glad that you like our items and thank you for this! :D

  2. I love those chunky studded bracelets! =) Thanks for dropping by my blog babe. =)

  3. Lovely outfit,you look adorable!^.^
    Pics are fabulous!

    Thanks for following, I follow back! ;)




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