Sunday, September 4, 2011

CCG's 1st Year Anniversary and That Crazy Photo Booth

Counterclockwise: Rommel, Onin, Kaye, Daddy Dax, Gerwin, Cathy, Shobe, Mommy Grace and Marvin :)

With Maya, Gerwin and Mark :) 

With Pretty Cake! :)

My 2 gorgeous team mates: Jen and Gracieboo. AKA "Gastos Buddies" :P 

 Meet Cecil (Ate Ces) she's the nicest office mate I ever had and she just got promoted as a TPM! Congratulations Ate Ces! xxoo :)

And it's evident enough that we all enjoyed it like *daaaaaammmnn!!!* Partying is something I truly missed and this won't be the last, I tell you. Keep enjoying and keep partying you guys! Till next! :)

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