Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No More Straight Hair!

September is extremely just a day or two away. Me and my friend decided to brace ourselves for a new look that somehow a bit daring for us to try, yet, we took the risks. Case in point, I've always had straight hair my entire life yet, I tend to put in braids or curl it to achieve that beach wavy look. We supposed to have it by the 3rd week of September but because of the looong weekend and the boredom attached to it (I can't go out due to the "BED" weather!) we decided to have it last Monday. Azta Urban Salon in Robinsons Pioneer were accommodating enough and even gave an amazing discount for their Digi Perm Plus.

First step: Senior stylist Louie advised that I should have a haircut to prepare my hair for the said Digi Perm process. My hair's long enough but he said that the rollers can't have too much hair so he trimmed it. Then he shampooed and blow dried my hair.

Second: Louie applied the Xtenso Moisturist Cream. This will prep the hair for the winding process

Third and Fourth: Winding process and applying neutralizer. Took about 45 minutes to an hour. It's a bit heavy and a bit hot (because of the rollers, a new technology)

That "octopus-like" winding process is a new technology nowadays. Gone are the days of cold perms and "Pagoda" cold wave lotion! LOL! :P
After that, Louie finally took the rollers out, rinse and blow dried my hair using the diffuser. He told me that he used a medium rod since I wanted a bit curlier and it will loose in the next couple of months. Gen on the other hand, had medium and large (combined) just because her hair is a bit thick and according to her preference as well.

Me and Gen we're teasing each other of having a "Goldilocks" like hair after but turned out to be awesome. :)

Ta-dah! I got finished a couple of minutes ahead of Gen and unfortunately, my DSLR got emptied. Luckily, I have my iPod to back me up from my photo ops. :)

Meet Gen! She's one of the bestest people I know. We started at 4pm and ended at around 9pm but definitely the wait is all worth it! Then we had dinner at Army Navy.

Surely, we had a blast! We'll definitely visit Azta Urban Salon again! Thank you Louie and Mon for taking care of us. And thank you, Kaye Revil for accommodating our request and for that hassle free reservation. Till next! :)


  1. wow! how much did it cost you? http://www.onlineistariray.info/

  2. how much did you pay for it? including the hair cut? :D

  3. hello, how much did you pay for it? did they give you creams etc. for the maintenance? How much is the total? :)

  4. How much?? :D PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER!! :D


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