Saturday, August 6, 2011


As we know, girls really do love the brightest colors (pinks, reds, purples to name a few) and I always believe that having at least one staple bright color can brighten up anyone's day out of boredom. And prolly, that's one of the reasons why I always tend to paint my nails on any lively colors as possible. I searched the net for all of the nicest and fun nail polishes plus the addicting nail art that's been circling around the metro. Well, here's the run down:


Summer colors are spelled L-O-V-E and it's permitted all year around!

Barry M
Hello Kitty X Mac - this is in limited edition so it's rare now

Summer colors by Chanel


Kawaii Nails – who can’t be inspired by such? Japanese nail arts are so addicting and seemed that they can’t be tamed when it comes to cuteness and uniqueness.
Leopard nail art - perfection!
This is simply amazing!

OPI nail polishes in Vintage and Summer vibes combined 
Etude's Matte nail polish in Nude - shake the shine at some point and try out this matte finished polish

Till next! Love-Peace&Hope! XxOo 

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