Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beauty Haul

Vanity is something stapled for us girls and mind you, we all have such regimen that often times, we girls can only understand. LOL. So I’ll try to post some beauty finds every month (hopefully!) and will also try to make a VLOG for the reviews or will write about ‘em. So to start with, here’s what I discovered from Sophie Martin (courtesy of Grace) 

This fish looking facial cleansing pad can clear out dirt deposits found on pores that washing alone can't be removed.  A must try!
Here's the back part of the package
Moreover, one of my inspirations is Lindy Tsang aka "Bubzbeauty" is also using this cleansing pad. Here's one of her tutorials which I've been addicting about for the past couple of months:

The Perfect Skin Acne Gel
I tried numerous pimple gels before and by far, Panoxyl is the only brand my skin is comfortable with. However with Panoxyl, the product is a bit strong (since it targets real bad pimples) The Perfect Skin acne gel doesn't just clear pores it also removes oil, dries pimples and break outs pretty fast and doesn't leave any dark spots. For me, it's much gentler than Panoxyl on a reasonable price.

Dual Fibre Cheek Brush or oftentimes called The Stippling Brush from Etude House
I've been wanting to have this for soooooooo long and thankfully, Etude House finally have this (it was sold out for months) I was intending to buy high end brands already but when I saw this on Etude, I eventually gave in. P400 is indeed reasonable and now, it's perfect on any BB creams, liquid foundation and even on moisturizers and blushers.

Skinlight BB Cream
When I was in Hong Kong last month, my search begins upon finding a perfect BB cream. I'm a die hard fan of BB creams and when I visited the local beauty store, SaSa - the sales person told me they're on sale and Skinlight BB cream is perfect for Asian skin. So I tried and aside from the "dewy and glittering" effects - you don't need to apply any concealer or foundations underneath. Definitely an all in one BB cream.

So there you go, I'll post another beauty haul next month and I will try my very bestest to make a review and by posting a Vlog. Wish me luck, y'all. :P

Looking forward to a brand new weekend ahead you guys! <3


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