Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No More Straight Hair!

September is extremely just a day or two away. Me and my friend decided to brace ourselves for a new look that somehow a bit daring for us to try, yet, we took the risks. Case in point, I've always had straight hair my entire life yet, I tend to put in braids or curl it to achieve that beach wavy look. We supposed to have it by the 3rd week of September but because of the looong weekend and the boredom attached to it (I can't go out due to the "BED" weather!) we decided to have it last Monday. Azta Urban Salon in Robinsons Pioneer were accommodating enough and even gave an amazing discount for their Digi Perm Plus.

First step: Senior stylist Louie advised that I should have a haircut to prepare my hair for the said Digi Perm process. My hair's long enough but he said that the rollers can't have too much hair so he trimmed it. Then he shampooed and blow dried my hair.

Second: Louie applied the Xtenso Moisturist Cream. This will prep the hair for the winding process

Third and Fourth: Winding process and applying neutralizer. Took about 45 minutes to an hour. It's a bit heavy and a bit hot (because of the rollers, a new technology)

That "octopus-like" winding process is a new technology nowadays. Gone are the days of cold perms and "Pagoda" cold wave lotion! LOL! :P
After that, Louie finally took the rollers out, rinse and blow dried my hair using the diffuser. He told me that he used a medium rod since I wanted a bit curlier and it will loose in the next couple of months. Gen on the other hand, had medium and large (combined) just because her hair is a bit thick and according to her preference as well.

Me and Gen we're teasing each other of having a "Goldilocks" like hair after but turned out to be awesome. :)

Ta-dah! I got finished a couple of minutes ahead of Gen and unfortunately, my DSLR got emptied. Luckily, I have my iPod to back me up from my photo ops. :)

Meet Gen! She's one of the bestest people I know. We started at 4pm and ended at around 9pm but definitely the wait is all worth it! Then we had dinner at Army Navy.

Surely, we had a blast! We'll definitely visit Azta Urban Salon again! Thank you Louie and Mon for taking care of us. And thank you, Kaye Revil for accommodating our request and for that hassle free reservation. Till next! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Here's the very first ever picture/outfit that got in on Chictopia's Style Gallery. Little did I know that I got counted until I searched my name and got surprised (oh my!) and heck yeah, it's been a year already. ;)


fedora: F&H; romper: Bazaar; oxfords: Ichigo

And it keeps on getting better! :) 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Guys join #phchurpchurp now! Get rewarded for your social networks! It's really cool!

Guys join #phchurpchurp now! Get rewarded for your social networks! It's really cool!

That Happy Lemon Fever

And we just can't resist. It's been 3 Saturdays already that me and Gracie craved Milk Tea and Rock salt & Cheese, yet, we have another recruit. Meet Jen, and our quest for gastos buddy will start in 3, 2, 1... :)

Just one of those addictive "Saturdates" with Gracieboo

The last time I checked, my name is KAYE. I just don't know what happened. :P

Meet Jen, it's official that she's a Rock Salt and Cheese addict too!

Teriyaki Boy din din before Happy Lemon
These babies made us come back for more :)


Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Man Who Can't Be Moved on it's finest!

The best song by the best band sung by the best vocalist who has the best lyrics - EVURRR! I.LOVE.THE SCRIPT!


Fun and Crazy Batch 1

It's been almost a year already, no, 10 months or something close to that count. I've been so stressed with the kind of work that we have everyday, yet, these people never fails to uplift everyone's spirits that is so high you won't even bother going down. I love Batch 1 and forever will I thank you guys for being my backbone. <3

Batch 1: (top) Marvin, Kirz, Rommel, Maya, Kelly, Gerwin (middle) Victor, Asim, Ben, Helena, Onin, Ann, Cecil, Kaye (ME!) Cathy, Grace, Annette, Dax 


Thursday, August 18, 2011



tri color feather earrings: Extreme Finds Co
the title is a song by 30 Seconds to Mars from the album: “A Beautiful Lie”. Been so caught up with everything and I was also caught up with late posts (that I'm wishing and hoping) I can upload in the next couple of days. Peace out! :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beauty Haul

Vanity is something stapled for us girls and mind you, we all have such regimen that often times, we girls can only understand. LOL. So I’ll try to post some beauty finds every month (hopefully!) and will also try to make a VLOG for the reviews or will write about ‘em. So to start with, here’s what I discovered from Sophie Martin (courtesy of Grace) 

This fish looking facial cleansing pad can clear out dirt deposits found on pores that washing alone can't be removed.  A must try!
Here's the back part of the package
Moreover, one of my inspirations is Lindy Tsang aka "Bubzbeauty" is also using this cleansing pad. Here's one of her tutorials which I've been addicting about for the past couple of months:

The Perfect Skin Acne Gel
I tried numerous pimple gels before and by far, Panoxyl is the only brand my skin is comfortable with. However with Panoxyl, the product is a bit strong (since it targets real bad pimples) The Perfect Skin acne gel doesn't just clear pores it also removes oil, dries pimples and break outs pretty fast and doesn't leave any dark spots. For me, it's much gentler than Panoxyl on a reasonable price.

Dual Fibre Cheek Brush or oftentimes called The Stippling Brush from Etude House
I've been wanting to have this for soooooooo long and thankfully, Etude House finally have this (it was sold out for months) I was intending to buy high end brands already but when I saw this on Etude, I eventually gave in. P400 is indeed reasonable and now, it's perfect on any BB creams, liquid foundation and even on moisturizers and blushers.

Skinlight BB Cream
When I was in Hong Kong last month, my search begins upon finding a perfect BB cream. I'm a die hard fan of BB creams and when I visited the local beauty store, SaSa - the sales person told me they're on sale and Skinlight BB cream is perfect for Asian skin. So I tried and aside from the "dewy and glittering" effects - you don't need to apply any concealer or foundations underneath. Definitely an all in one BB cream.

So there you go, I'll post another beauty haul next month and I will try my very bestest to make a review and by posting a Vlog. Wish me luck, y'all. :P

Looking forward to a brand new weekend ahead you guys! <3


Easy Breezy

Easy Breezy

dress: Fashion Stop Shop; studded belt: SM Dept. Store
The dress is saccharine enough to catch a couple of attention when I wore this yesterday at work. There would come a day that you wanted to be all dolled up, yet, because of the humidity here in Manila, you just wanted to be as simple as possible – however, this dress is not made for the word “Simplicity” the pearl strap is indeed chic which I entirely fallen in love with.

Have a fun weekend, y’all! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Avenue of Stars

During my recent trip in Hong Kong, one of the places I truly adore is the Avenue of Stars. Maybe you can only appreciate the goodness of it at night (because of the Symphony of Lights) moreover when the clock strikes at 8 in the evening, you need to brace yourself as the perfected structures of the buildings across Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui comes to life. And we were left nothing but awe.

The front seat are preoccupied already when we came! But we still managed to have good place to snap photos at the back.:)

See how vivid the lights are?
Hello, Mr. Bruce Lee! :)

white shirt: H&M; zebra pants: Shop Death By Platforms c/o Kookie Buhain; Longchamp small bag; flats: Greenhills; necklace: Forever 21

Have a gurrreeeaat time, y'all! :)