Sunday, July 31, 2011

Skin Care

I know, supposedly, my first post on my new home should be an outfit post. However, since I wanted to try everything, I’ll share some product reviews and basically, all about these products I have been using since then and some newbies I’m daring to try. 

Likas Soap, Garnier BB eye roll on, Cetaphil, Etude Be Clear Whitening Moisturizer
Likas Papaya soap – never dries my skin nor gives me blemish. More often than not, I often switch to Cetaphil then to this soap to make sure that my face won’t get used so much to whitening products.

Garnier BB eye roll on – I bought this few weeks ago from our recent trip to Hong Kong (to later found out that it’s already being sold here in Manila!) this brightens up your under eye and with the new BB cream plus, it’s definitely a must esp. every morning (to hide dark circles!) I was using the normal roll on but this (for me) is something really worth it.

Cetaphil - I started using this a year ago and it's probably because my Boyfriend's using it and got influenced (somehow :P) his face is always soft and mine's a bit dry but after using it (switching to soap then this) I noticed how moisturized my face had become and it's also a perfect make up remover!

Be Clear Moisturizer by Etude – I was reluctant at first but when I tried it on the first time, the clean scent + the whitening care = moisturized and cleared my skin in just 7 days. And it also erased fine lines and dark pimple spots. 

Some tips I learned on how to take care of your skin (for the Mid 20's)

* Never sleep with your make up on! If you're dead tired already most specially after work, make sure that you, at least, remove eye make up by using Cetaphil or any Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and trust me, it works so much.

* Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize! I'm putting exaggeration and emphasis on the moisturize thing because everyone needs it. It combats both dry and oily skin. Plus, no one wants wrinkles on an early age, eh?!

* Don't ever pop a pimple - enough said.

* Use exfoliants or facial scrubs at least twice a week. If you do need to scrub everyday, make sure that you back your skin up with a good moisturizer to avoid drying your skin.

* Even if your are indoors, a good SPF won't do you any harm. Fluorescent lights also have ultra violet rays that can and may harm your skin.  

* Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated all the time and detoxify at least once a week or twice a month. Green tea is really helpful and it works not just for the outside but as well as the inside.

Being healthy is the key! 

Love Peace and Hope!

Xs and Os,

Kaye :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcome to my new home!

Since Ive been having some namesakes on Tumblr, I decided to wake my old Blogspot and move here for a moment.

My new blog is now Pink Anemone

Love Peace and Hope!